Saturday, 27 January 2018

Mutual Funds: Kyun Sahi hai?

Having understood "what Mutual Funds are", now, let's understand why is it advantageous. Here are some points justifying "Mutual Fund. Sahi hai!", have a look.
  • Professional portfolio management
  • Streamlined and convenient administration
  • Risk management through diversification
  •  Innovative solutions that meet a range of investment objectives and evolving investor needs
  • Opportunities for foreign and domestic investment that may not otherwise be directly  accessible to investors
  • Liquidity, enabling investors to respond to changes in their personal circumstances
  • Access to investing for all types of people, including those who prefer to invest small amounts at regular intervals
  • Choice of purchase methods and fee structures, including full service, fee-for-service and do-it-yourself
  •  Accountability and fairness to investors through industry regulation and transparency